Using X-CTU

Getting X-CTU

X-CTU is free software provided by Digi, the producers of the XBee radios that are used in Sense/Stage. X-CTU allows you to reprogram and configure your XBees. This should not be confused with reprogramming the firmware on your MiniBees! The XBee radios and MiniBees are separate pieces of hardware that work together. You should only need to reprogram your XBee radios when you want to create a new network configuration.

Before you can program your XBees you’ll need to get X-CTU. You can use this direct link to get to the X-CTU page. In case the direct link does not work, search on the website of Digi for the software in the search field with the keyword X-CTU.

Click on the Download link on the website to get the software. Once you’ve installed X-CTU go to the next step of this guide.

Note: If you don’t want to use X-CTU. Alternatively, you can change settings on the XBees from the command line (using the serial program). See Using Command Line XBee Tools