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Basic features of the firmware
This page describes the functionality of the default firmware that comes shipped with your MiniBees.
Configuration file
An overview of configuration file that the communication software uses
Coordinator Board
The coordinator board handles the communication between the hive software and the minibee swarm.
Datanetwork interface
Using the SenseWorld DataNetwork to transfer the data to multiple clients using the DataNetwork framework.
Expansion boards
There are several expansion board for the MiniBee. different versions of the board.
LED blinking codes
The four LEDs on the MiniBee give information about the status of the MiniBee. This reference explains what each LED means.
Libmapper interface
Using the libmapper interface to transfer the data to multiple clients using the libmapper framework.
MiniBee Board Reference
This reference gives a diagram of the I/O pins and other features of the MiniBee, including information for past versions of the board.
OSC Message Reference
An overview of OSC messages that are sent and received in Sense/Stage.
Overview of the system
This page gives an overview of the different components that are used in the system
Power supply
Power supply options for the MiniBee.
Pydon Software Reference
This page describes the different options and settings of the Sense/Stage software and what they do.
What's in the Pydon Package?
What are the different files inside the Pydon software folder?
XBee choice and configuration
This page describes which XBee is used for Sense/Stage and which settings we are using in its configuration.