Using command line XBee tools

Instead of X-CTU, you might want to use a command line interface for reading or adapting the settings of an XBee.

For this, there are the python-based XBee Tools you make the changes from any computer or operating system.

Download the tools and start it with

$ cd python
$ python

A new prompt will appear xbee% where you can type commands. After you typed a command, you need to press [Enter] to send the command to the XBee.

For all operations, you will have to set the baudrate, open the serial port, and enter the AT command mode in order to query or change settings of the XBee.

Select the baudrate:

xbee% baudrate 57600

Select the serial port (your serial path may be different!):

xbee% serial /dev/ttyUSB0

To enter AT command mode:

`xbee% +++`

and wait for OK

Then you can enter different AT commands to query or change the settings of the XBee. If no command has been received for a couple of seconds, the device will leave the AT command mode again and you have to reenter it with +++.

When you are done with querying and changing settings you can exit the command line program with [CTRL-C]

And of course, after you have changed XBee settings, make sure that your coordinator XBee is on the coordinator board again, and your node XBees are on your MiniBees.