Prepare the Arduino IDE

To program the Sense/Stage MiniBee you have to use the Arduino IDE and prepare it to use the firmware libraries and the hardware definitions that we have created for Sense/Stage.

Download files


MiniBee files

  • Unpack the ssdn_minibee package

  • Check what your Arduino sketchbook folder is:
    • Go to [FILE] menu and choose Preferences, the keyboard shortcut is [CTRL]+[,]
    • At the top it tells you the folder for the Sketchbook location, e.g. ~/Arduino
    • Go with your file browser to this folder
    • If there is no hardware folder there, just copy the folder ssdn_minibee/hardware to the sketchbook folder
    • If there is a hardware folder there, copy the folder ssdn_minibee/minibee to it
    • If there is no libraries folder there, just copy the folder ssdn_minibee/libraries to the sketchbook folder
    • If there is a libraries folder there, copy the folders in ssdn_minibee/libraries to it
  • You should now have the following folders in your sketchbook folder:


NOTE: the minibee files are for version 1.6.5 and up of the Arduino IDE. If you use an older version of the Arduino IDE (though not older than version 1.0), you have to use a different branch of ssdn_minibee

The MiniBee Firmware examples will show up in File -> Examples -> MiniBeeAPIn, and the MiniBee Firmware library will show up in Sketch -> Import Library… -> MiniBeeAPIn

Firmware examples

  • Now start the Arduino IDE
  • In the [FILE] menu, under Examples, under (Examples from Custom Libraries) you have a set of examples for the MiniBee_APIn library.
  • The example minibee_F is the default version for MiniBee revision F
  • The example minibee is the default version for MiniBee revision D
  • customReceiving shows how to receive custom data
  • customSending shows how to send custom data
  • sendingPrivateData shows how to send additional (private) messages
  • sendingTriggerData shows how to send trigger data messages
  • BeeToBee shows how to send data from one MiniBee to another
  • DS18x20_temperature shows how to read out the DS18x10 temperature sensor
  • ITG3200 shows how to read out the ITG3200 sensor
  • LSM9DS1 shows how to read out the LSM9DS1 sensor
  • ledfades shows how to set up a system with smoothly fading LEDs
  • minibeeServo shows how to control a servo motor
  • minibeeNSS shows how to use the NewSoftSerial library

Choosing the board


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