Installing Pydon

Pydon is a piece of software written in the programming language python. This is the core piece of software in Sense/Stage, it does the work of translating the incoming data from your sensor nodes into OpenSoundControl (OSC) that can be then worked with easily in other programs. OSC is supported by virtually all interactive design software including PureData, SuperCollider, TouchDesigner, Processing, Max/MSP, vvvv, Isadora, Max for Live, and Unity.

In order to use Sense/Stage you’ll need to first install Pydon. The installation procedure varies depending on your operating system, but, in general, it’s the same python code that will be running on your machine.

Go to the Pydon Installation Guide for instructions on installing Pydon on your system.

Once you’re done installing Pydon, return here to continue with the next step of this guide, configuring your first Sense/Stage network.