Embedding the battery charger

In some cases you may want to embed the battery charger in your setup, rather than having to unplug the battery each time you want to charge it. With a little bit of soldering, this is entirely feasible to do!

Connecting a wire to the battery charger

If you look at the battery charger, you notice two holes in the middle of the board, marked + and -.

To this you can connect a JST Jumper wire:

The red wire is soldered to the + and the black wire to the -.

You can then connect your battery to the charger and plug in the cable you soldered to the MiniBee.

Alternative: solder to the MiniBee

If you don’t have a JST jumper wire available, you can solder two wires (I recommend using red for + and black for -) between the charger board and the MiniBee.

In revision F we added pads at the bottom of the MiniBee to solder a power connection to:

For revision D it is a bit more complicated, you can solder to the JST connector:

or use the pads at the bottom for the coin cell (blue in the image):