• Configuration file: a file containing the information on which pins are used for what on the MiniBee
  • Coordinator: USB board connected to the computer featuring an XBee and a miniUSB-B socket
  • Firmware: code that runs on the MiniBee
  • Hive: the software running on your computer that converts data coming in from and going out to the swarm into OSC
  • LiPo Battery: a 3.7V battery that can be used to power the MiniBee
  • MiniBee: sensorboard featuring an XBee
  • MiniLily: e-textile breakout board for the MiniBee
  • OSC: A protocol for networking sound synthesizers, computers, and other multimedia devices for purposes such as musical performance or show control. More information here.
  • Swarm: a bunch of MiniBees sharing a network.
  • User software: the software you use to do something with the minibee data (e.g. Max/MSP, PureData, SuperCollider, etc..)
  • Xpee: smaller breakout board for the MiniBee
  • Xpree: bigger breakout board for the MiniBee


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