0. Unpacking the Sense/Stage MiniBee Kit
1. Installing Software
2. Plugging in the coordinator
3. Connect a minibee
4. Next Steps

0. Unpacking the Sense/Stage MiniBee kit

To start with, you should inspect the contents of your kit. Be able to identify the various parts of the Sense/Stage hardware setup. Your starter kit should include the following:

  1. 2 MiniBee boards including headers
  2. 3 Xbee radios (all but one connected to MiniBees)
  3. a red coordinator board
  4. 2 green Xpee expansion boards including headers
  5. 2 green Xpree expansion boards including headers

You may have also purchased a battery kit, which should include 2 LiPo batteries and a red USB charging board.


1. Install the Communicator Software (aka. “The Hive”)

The Hive is a cross-platform program that allows you to read data streams coming in from the MiniBees directly using OpenSoundControl (OSC). OSC is supported by virtually all interactive design software such as PureData, SuperCollider, Max for Live, Processing, Max/MSP, vvvv, and Isadora.


2. Plug in the coordinator

3. Connect a MiniBee

4. Next steps

Examples of interfacing via OSC

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